Thursday, May 22, 2008

special class

I am a student of Tumul K'in we always stay here for ten days . While we staying here during ten days , we have different classes like math, science, agriculture and Maya language. I speak Mopan Maya and am from the village San Jose. There are five special classes that we take on Sunday. First cuxtal, sewing, jippijapa basket making, pottery making, marimba playing . These class are interesting to learn I am learning how to make bowl with clay so far I have done two bowl . While attending our class instructure had explain that we should not play and serious work. There should be no gold wearing during working and even with metal working like making around your bowl smooth.

Here is a picture of a clay bowl made the traditional Maya way. Here is a picture of a traditional Cuxtal which means small bag in Maya.

I want to tell you a little about protected areas here in Belize.
Belize has 44% (2.6 Million acres / 1.22 Million hectares) of its land and sea resources protected under a variety of management structures: 1,900,469 acres (769,093 ha) of terrestrial reserves, 392,970 acres (159,030 ha) of marine reserves, and a further 317,615 acres (128,535 ha) protected through 'officially recognised' private conservation initiatives. In all, the Protected Areas system of Belize comprises 92 reserves of varying levels of protection and purpose.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Pictures of Us Planting

planting corn.

I am a student from the of Tumulkin. Here at school we are learning much, like planting corn. When we start planting we get up early in the morning. Today we woke up at three o'clock to prepare food for the rest ot the student. The boys went to the farm and to plant they came back at 12 o'clock. It is a big farm that could hold 100 quarts of corn and 8 acres of chop land. This corn will go to help us make tortillas in our school kitchen and also will be used to feed some of our animals.